Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Make your own art: Random bus ride scavenger hunt takes us to Astoria and to MOMI

So we decided for our first day of summer vacation to take a random bus to wherever it would take us. And we brought a scavenger hunt list. We caught the Q104. (Same name as the radio station I grew up listening to in KC. KC Kasem's top 40.) We were waiting on the West side of 48th street near our house, but then saw a bus coming from the other direction so walked over the East side to take it. It took us into the heart of Astoria Queens. Here we are on the bus (which we didn't want to stay on for long, because the air conditioner was so cold.)

This was on our scavenger hunt list. "Something unique." An orange unicorn with a blue mane, of course!

We walked into a wig shop on Steinway Street. To find "something funny to wear."

"Find a funny animal or person." Check

"Find something you want in your dream house." Check

"Find something fun to play." Check. Arcade at Museum Of Modern Image, Cool Culture card got us in.

More fun, stop motion videos at MOMI. Here's a still from Sofia's masterpiece, "Pulling Gear from Trash"

More fun, still from flip book video at MOMI

Just before us this smooth cat turned his flip book into a proposal

In the gift shop at MOMI, scavenger hunt exceeded. "Look for lego pixels" was not on the list.

"A weapon that can keep you dry." Also not on the list. But umbrella swords. Genius.

There was a wall of "reaction gifs". Super funny.

"Find a yummy dessert" was on the list. And this fig caramel cheese empanada ($2) could not be beat.

Sofia using the keychain pliers she got me for father's day to rip open the lip of the honey stick.

"Show us your moves." Check. Winds from below. Bonus.

"Public Art." Check. Audrey pops up on Steinway to say, "Free Humanity." She would!

On walk home we stumble past The Queens Library at Astoria. Read some books. Check out a few more. 


Love the way the curls of her hair wind with the bird flight.

Girls played with legos and toys at library while I read a POIGNANT Lydia Davis story.

"Do a good deed." Sofia made a pound at the library and then found owners for the dogs.

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