Thursday, June 9, 2016

CMOM -Children's Museum of Manhattan: Muslim/Water.

The day started out with a birthday party for me, even though it wasn't my birthday. I love the party hat Sofia made. Lucia put the dog nose on me upside down I see. My lap is full of presents.

The presents are full of toys.

Sofia wore a "Party Time!" uniform.

On the way to the museum Sofia packed snacks. She also packed me an ice cold beer. Good girl!

Lucia's biggest fan!

We stopped by the Free Library on Queens BLVD. As we were approaching I told the girls that it was one of the most magic portals in NYC. I told them there was 50% chance there would be something magic in there today. But when I opened it there was nothing. I said, "Today we got nothing." Sofia said, "Nothing can be magic too." She got me. Then she said, "Like nothing for homework is magic. And no school is magic." She really has a point. Especially as there WAS no school today. And no homework last night.

But there was actually something pretty great in there, afterall, an Amazon receipt for "Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard (Hardcover) by Heath, Chip..."  How indeed, Chip Heath?

On the 7 train we played the game of trying to spy something interesting. I noticed this big bad wolf from Red Riding Hood reading penguins a story about his other famous story, Three Little Pigs. But on the back cover the wolf is laying down peacefully with the piggies.

But then Sofia noticed that the husband was angry because the big bad wolf had taken his place in bed while he was in the bathroom brushing his teeth. Haha.

Found this in the subway station, most of the word "most." Love it. Just can't beat most of most.

When the girls are with me they get away with some fashion choices their mother might not have allowed.

Stopped and looked at books on the sidewalk of a bookstore at Broadway and 81st. This one is perfect for Lucia.

And this one too. ; )

And this one for Sofia.

We made it to CMOM where they had a great exhibit on the Muslim culture. Sofia was curious what Islam was and I told her it is a religion, like Judaism, Hinduism or Christianity. She responded by saying, "I believe in unicorns."

They had several scents to smell from Muslim based countries, from Cumin to Frankincense. So wonderful.


Let's go to CMOM

Muslim millinery for the girls to play dress up in.

This was the best scent of the day, Pitaya. I have to find some to try now.

There was a great H2O section too.

Did you know this? The Hudson used to be lined with oysters, which filtered the water and kept it clean. By 1900 they all been fished out or killed by pollution. But by 2030 they are on track to repopulate the water with a billion oysters! So great. I want to volunteer to help.

Sofia painting with water. It's water color.

She's the best

And we hit up Chipotle on the way home. Had to get the girls to gymnastics by 3:30. 

We found this on the way from the train station to gymnastics. Someone was throwing it out. It is meant to be electric, so was not sure it would be a good thing to donate to sunnyside park (since there was no way to power it.) But there was three or four kids with it the entire time we were there and it was a big hit. I didn't even think about the joy of kids pushing.

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