Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Museum of Moving Images/ Madmen edition

We had to drop off the car at Koeppel Suburu (because of pothole damage to the tune $2100 damage, 1k deductible), and the silver lining was using the Cool Culture Pass to go to MOMI and see MADMEN. We had an incredible time there today.

I added the entrance sticker to the Neutral Milk Hotel shirt I just got in the mail from my friend Bennet Cousland in CO. I love that a revolving T shirt (used to be his) is now a museum of moving images. Such a beautiful revision.

First thing we did was play this video game. Super easy to learn and fun. I could see it being played by master logicians in major stadiums. To live music (so goes my mind.) I love the found poetry of this sentence, "Push Me Pull You's treatment of bodies evokes a delightful sense of disgust, integrating a level of wry humor into its rich, fast-paced gameplay." Very life-like!

The girls picked up the game pretty fast.

Here we are taking in the myriad details of that madman Don Draper's kitchen. Another favorite part was singing and dancing along to Zou Bisou Bisou clips. A song they know from their mama, a fan of the show and a madvertising woman herself.

I wish blogger would allow videos so you could see this. It's an editing booth where you overdub famous scenes. Sofia was Dorothy in Wizard of Oz. And Lucia was the perfect Eliza Doolittle! She says, "The rain in Spain falls mainly in the braaaiiin!"

After the museum we had the best lunch at a little cafe. They grilled Sofia friendly chicken and put it on a salad for her. Plus fresh fruit. She was in lunch heaven.

Composition called "UP/ The Early BIRD get's the WORM/ Koffie"

Sofia on the way to school afterward, looking all grown up.

Stopped by Key Foods with Lucia and took a chance on this.

Then stopped by the pet store. Watched these puppies wrestle and play for 15 minutes or so. Long enough to realize they do this all day, that it is part of nature, fighting and playing. They are very serious about it, but none of them ever get hurt, everyone's happy. Makes me understand people better, and sibling rivalry, the girls bickering and fighting and playing all day long, up, down, up, down.

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