Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Childrens Museum of Manhattan/ Central Park/ Museum of NaturalHistory

Today we took an epic journey. It was a perfect NY day. I picked up Sofia from school at noon (it was a half day) and we got on the train for a three part adventure, Childrens Museum of Manhattan, quick skip to Central Park and then an hour in the Museum Of Natural History. Everything was free with the Cool Culture card which is such a boon. Kids get catered to here by the art world. We were on our way home by 4pm.

Excited to be on the 7 train!

You can see paraplegic busker behind the girls. He's singing Elton John, "Your Song." It gives you a feeling.

Took this diving man from the 1 train.

First stop Manhattan Childrens Museum. They had a whole section on the bottom floor dedicated to Japanese "Kawaii" fashion. It was so much fun for the girls that we only made it half way through the exhibit. Lots of dress up.

Display cases galore of Japanese weirdness.

This is the ultimate album cover. I can hear the music, somewhere between Kishi Bashi, Cornelius, Funkadelic, Prince and The Box Tops. Call it Kawaii Style-O.

Year of the Fab Tiger

Pink construction girl love

This was a Bento Box restaurant. Sofia looked at this thing and said, "Let's discover what this is?" Then she looked at it some more and declared, "It's Chinese Cabbage!"

The night before this visit Sofia had a dream that her and I were building a robot together. She said it didn't look anything like this one though. I think cushy chair arms should be a standard feature on any robot.

Sofia taking lunch orders at the Bento Box restaurant. She draws the items you want.

Here's AnaLucia on a bridge in Tokyo, chatting up a construction worker.

They've joined the crew

Getting lost in the bamboo forest

We took a break for lunch in Central park. This was pretty close to 79th street entrance. But it felt almost like we were camping. 

After the park we went to Museum Of Natural History. My phone was out of batteries, so didn't get any more shots. We saw a couple of great astronomy documentaries though. There was one about black holes that was awesome. It was called "Gravity's Ultimate Triumph." "Your atoms would be completely crushed in the infinite density of a black hole." INFINITE DENSITY! Where the space time continuum bends all the way into itself.

I found this perfect hidden nap spot in central park and took ten very deep breaths.

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  1. I am so grateful I was able to raise my boys there...your pics make me miss it!