Monday, May 4, 2015

Museum Of The Moving Image: Carrol Spinney edition

On Sunday we took Mommy to MOMI so she could experience the virtual reality and Mad Men shows there. Also so we could experience the flying machine, which is only available to try on the weekends. SO INCREDIBLE! 

We all took a turn on the flying machine, flying over and then through the buildings of the city, like birds. Big birds! It was such a cool experience, probably the closest I will get to actual flying. The wings operated like a bird's, so you could dip into the wind to dive, flap, etc. So cool. The virtual reality goggles even let you see the tip of your wings if you looked far enough left or right. And there was even a fan to simulate wind.

I also saw a couple virtual reality "films" I had missed last time, one called Herders that put you in the mountains of Nepal, with horse herders, and then in their tent. You felt like you could reach out and touch the boy sitting with his grandfather and drinking yak tea. Then there was another one that was in a Syrian refugee camp. That was a incredible experience too, though sad, following one girl through her experience among 80,000 refugees, in a plastic lean-to. At one point they are in the local bakery and you can almost smell the bread as it comes out of the tin trash can oven.

On the way out Genevieve noticed Carrol Spinney (Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch) signing autographs. I went to find a piece of paper and gave it to Sofia to give to him. She was shy. But Carrol's handler noticed her standing there with paper in hand and as Mr. Spinney was getting up to leave said "we can't dissapoint this girl." So Carrol sat down and we got an incredible drawing for the girls of Big Bird! Carrol Spinney is 81 years old, so in a sense we were able to meet him just as he was flying by. And he left us with something we will frame and keep forever.


Big birds flying straight
From Nepal and Syria
To Sesame Street.

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