Saturday, April 4, 2015

Children's Museum of Art (Manhattan)


Checking out the Children's museum of art, which consist of one third art activities, one third play area and one third museum. All parts are terrific.

    On the 7 train. Girls somewhat patiently waiting to get to the museum.

   First starting with some lunch in the cafeteria. I count 7 shades of yellow here. And 14 pieces of debris on the ground.

    Starting in on activities. There are several options and I let the girls wander and find their own way.  Here Lucia holds up her creation to me from across the room. Looks like she made a blue play-doh lollipop.

    Meanwhile Sofia plays with green slime.

    The children's museums of NYC have some incredible amenities. I love the way this long oval mirror mirrors this long oval bathroom.

    This play area is simple genius, a sea of giant exercise balls. The girls went crazy.

    Afterward we found this empty space-age quiet room. Looking a little like Superman's fortress of solitude. It was a perfect place to read a book to the girls for a few minutes and calm down.

    "Pixels" was the theme of the art museum part,  Here are two creative examples fused together, sunglasses and hotel ashtrays -as pixels.

    I love this piece, several jigsaw puzzles collaged together as one large super puzzle. Well worth looking at closely. Very clever how all the puzzles flow together.

   Now back to activities, water colors this time. Lucia's on top and Sofia's and mine (collaboration) on bottom. I dig how Sofia has been adding serifs to her letters lately.

    And finally the exhausted train ride home.

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