Thursday, February 5, 2015

Stay at home art

Art Thursday is at home today, because I'm recovering from a back injury. Se la vie.

We started the day out with a pottery class, on iPad, via the awesome Create This! Pottery app.

The girls threw down some masterpieces, intricately balancing line and color. I was proud.

Actually I was a little awed to tell the truth. Ah, youth! But then we got delayed

until later, as we were eating lunch and I vee-jayed a lunch set,

first Bjork (which got a little weird when Bjork's bots began to make out,)

then Luluc"s, "Small Window",  a masterpiece, then what, what what?

White Stripes, "I Fell In Love With A Girl," the Gondry lego video.

Sofia said, "that made me want to play with legos!" and ran to go

get her set out of her room. Lucia said me too, and, voila, the next piece

of Art Thursday put itself together. Every day's like a puzzle around here. Peace!

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