Thursday, January 15, 2015

the Met, cubism.

We had an hour an a half to kill in the city and a car, what to do? So we went to the Met, miraculously found a parking spot and went in. Usually when I take the girls to the Met I bring veggie chips as a coping device. I give them one veggie chip in each new room we go in. This gives me an extra hour in the museum with the girls in the stroller. But this time we were coming from the hospital, so didn't have that. I did stop by the front desk to get some paper and some tiny pencils, another good museum coping strategy.

The exhibit was on Cubism. Meh.

Later I wrote this short story for a contest  at Starbucks.  It had to be less than 100 words.
Compact Cohen

Last Sunday he found the compact disc by Music Together: sing-a-long rhythm lessons for kids in the Free Library of Sunnyside Queens, a repurposed newspaper dispenser in which people leave books. It struck him as a beautiful example of a the gift economy at work. Later that weekend he took the CD on a road trip with his family to Ptown. The whole family got lost singing along to “A glorious nightengale.” They found ourselves sometime later in Plymouth, Mass, staring at a rock. 

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